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21st International Comic Salon

Stand: 14.06.2024

Taking place from May 30 to June 2, 2024, the festival is the largest for comic art and graphic literature in the German-speaking world and one of the most important in Europe. It takes place every two years.

For four days, everything in the center of the Middle Franconian university town revolves around the Ninth Art. In and around the Erlangen castle garden there are

  • exhibition tents
  • exhibitions
  • Rooms for readings
  • Lectures and talks
  • workshops and
  • presentations.

Numerous new publications will be presented for the first time

For the first time this year, the festival will focus on the phenomenon of "urban sketching". With "Children love comics", a separate festival in the festival is dedicated to young readers. The renowned Max and Moritz Prize will once again be awarded to the best new publications of the last two years. You will meet well-known artists at every turn; over 500 have already registered this year. The Erlangen International Comic Salon is supported for the fifth time by its title sponsor, DATEV eG from Nuremberg. Over 25,000 visitors are expected by the organizing cultural office of the city of Erlangen.

Eine Halle mit wartenden Menschen.

At the heart of the Erlangen International Comic Salon is the trade fair in specially erected exhibition tents in the middle of Erlangen's city center (Photo: Erich Malter; Comic Salon 2022). Over 300 exhibitors - publishers, comic retailers, comic classes at universities and self-publishers - present their programs here. From A for Altraverse to Carlsen, Egmont, Panini, Splitter and Z for Zwerchfell Verlag, the entire comic industry is represented. German avant-garde, international graphic novels, French-Belgian bandes dessinées, American superheroes and Japanese manga - numerous new publications will be presented to the public for the first time. Artists from all over the world can be seen drawing and signing their books. The Comic Exchange on Salon Sunday is a treasure trove for collectors and fans.

Exhibitions in the city area

A special feature of the Erlangen International Comic Salon are the more than twenty exhibitions throughout the city - a huge temporary comic museum:

  • a major Joann Sfar retrospective will be presented in the City Museum this year - an adaptation of an exhibition from the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme Paris
  • the "Katzenjammer-Kids", the oldest comic strip in the world, can be seen in the Kunstmuseum
  • the representation of water in comics can be experienced at the Kunstpalais.

Comics against anti-Semitism, hatred and racism will also be on display, as well as drawings on the war in Ukraine, works by Jeremy Perrodeau, Olivia Vieweg, Nadine Redlich, Tobi Dahmen, Steven Appleby, Elizabeth Pich, Blutch and many more. The Comicmuseum Erlangen e. V. is preparing an extensive presentation on the history of Germanga.

The Max and Moritz Prize is the most important award for graphic literature in the German-speaking world. One of the highlights of the Salon is the Max and Moritz Gala (Friday, May 31, 8:30 pm) in the Markgrafentheater. 25 titles have been nominated for the prizes, which are awarded in various categories. Joann Sfar has already been chosen as the winner for outstanding lifetime achievement. As has the jury's special prize: this year it goes to the Munich artist Barbara Yelin.

Where can I find the program?

The full program can be viewed online at on the Comic Salon website. There is also the "My Salon" function, which can be used to put together an individual festival program.

Click here for the program

The title sponsor

DATEV eG is the title sponsor of the Erlangen International Comic Salon for the fifth time in 2024. As an IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients, such as medium-sized companies and municipal administrations, the cooperative is one of the largest private employers in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and at the same time one of the most important software houses in Europe.

Travel to the events - conveniently by bus

Since January 1, 2024, it has been "free travel" on all bus routes within the free inner city area of Erlangen. It is easy to see which bus stops are in the city center area: The names of the stops are highlighted in yellow and orange on the signs. If you want a ride, you can simply hop on. You do not need to buy a ticket.

Read more about the free city center area here - and find the right bus to the Comic Salon

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Hugenottenplatz bus stop with two buses and passers-by

Free public transport in the city center

Change for free! Free travel on the buses in Erlangen city center. Travel comfortably and quickly in Erlangen city center without looking for a parking space. Since January 1, 2024, it's been "free travel" on all bus routes within the free Erlangen city center area.

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