Exhibition "Erlangen breaks open

Stand: 06.02.2023

Erlangen is setting out: A unique project has been launched in Erlangen with the Climate Awakening: an entire city is setting out on the path to climate neutrality. But how can this be achieved? How can different points of view be integrated into a common solution? And how can citizens and decision-makers be involved so that a true commitment to climate protection is created? Find out more in the exhibition "Erlangen breaks open" in the Climate Window.

In the exhibition "Erlangen breaks open" in the climate window, you can follow the development process of the Roadmap Climate Break Open in 2022 once again: You have the opportunity to get to know the committees convened at that time - a randomly drawn citizens* council and a stakeholder group - and to retrace the intensive discussions. You can learn about the obstacles the stakeholders faced and try your hand at reconstructing the different points of view. Above all, however, you can learn more about what solutions the committees arrived at and how things are progressing in Erlangen in terms of climate protection.

And then it's up to you: let the inspiration wall encourage you or add an idea yourself for a contribution to the climate awakening. Vote on which measures you think are good. And become part of the climate awakening by signing the City Climate Agreement and thus making your own personal contribution to the climate awakening. Because the climate departure we arrange together.

The exhibition is to be seen from 14.01. - 25.02.2023 in the climate window and is a co-operation project of the environmental office of the city Erlangen together with reading café Anständig essen e.V. The entrance is free. 


Climate Shop Window, Hauptstr. 55 (Altstadtmarktpassage), 91054 Erlangen

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