Bavaria-wide regulations

Stand: 06.02.2023

The basis is the 17th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance in its current version. It is valid up to and including February 17.

The regulations apply until February 17, 2023

The obligation to wear a medical face mask applies, among other places, in doctors' offices, hospitals, facilities for outpatient surgery, day clinics, rescue services, outpatient care services, fully and partially inpatient care facilities and facilities for people with disabilities, shelters for the homeless and refugees. Among others, children up to their sixth birthday and persons who can credibly demonstrate that wearing a mask is not possible or unreasonable for them due to a disability or for health reasons are exempt from the mask requirement. This must be proven in particular by presenting an original written medical certificate. In addition, deaf and hard of hearing people and their companions are exempt from the mask requirement. 

Access to hospitals and some full or partial inpatient facilities for the care and accommodation of elderly, disabled or dependent people or comparable facilities with the exception of curative day care centers may only be visitors, operators, employees or volunteers who are tested. Employees who are not assigned to wards or areas with particularly vulnerable patients are exempt. That's under the federal testing regulation. 

From Feb. 1, 2023, the mask requirement will no longer apply to employees in physicians' offices, other outpatient medical facilities and people in community shelters.  

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The Bavarian state government also draws attention to the fact that a signed self-declaration is (also) sufficient for certain persons to visit hospitals or care facilities. A coronatest is not necessary.

Here: More information on self-declaration - Here: Form self-declaration

All important questions about the current regulations around daily life in Bavaria answered by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior in FAQs.

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