Energy saving traffic lights

Stand: 06.02.2023

In the 2022/2023 work program of the Civil Engineering Department, ten traffic lights, so-called light signal systems, will be energetically renewed.

It concerns the plants Gebbertstrasse/Komotauer Strasse, Breslauer Strasse/Hartmannstrasse, Fürther Strasse/Felix-Klein-Strasse, Fürther Strasse/Tennenloher Strasse, Sieglitzhofer Strasse/Lange Zeile, Maximiliansplatz/Krankenhausstrasse, Nägelsbachstrasse/Sedanstrasse, Gebbertstrasse/Mozartstrasse as well as the pedestrian plants Wein-/Alfred-Mehl-Strasse and Spardorfer Strasse/Bärengarten.

In the affected traffic signal systems, the outdated control unit technology already discontinued by the manufacturer will be replaced by new control units. They then correspond to the current state of the art, downtimes can be reduced to an acceptable minimum. 

With the renewal of the control units, the signal heads are also renewed at the same time in older installations and the so-called LED "1-watt" technology is brought into use. With these measures the current consumption and thus also the existing CO2 output can be reduced by up to approx. 90%.

The Tiefbaumt counts on total costs of approx. 250,000 euro. The measures are funded by the National Climate Protection Initiative under the funding code 67K20998.

National Climate Protection Initiative:

With the National Climate Protection Initiative, the German government has been initiating and funding numerous projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions since 2008. Its programs and projects cover a broad spectrum of climate protection activities. From the development of long-term strategies to concrete assistance and investment support measures. This diversity is a guarantee for good ideas. The National Climate Initiative helps anchor climate protection locally. Consumers benefit from it just as much as companies, municipalities or educational institutions.

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