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EU Election

Stand: 10.06.2024

Answers to important questions.

Die EU Flagge From June 6 to 9, 2024, the citizens of the European Union (Photo: Pixabay) will elect the European Parliament for the tenth time. In Germany, elections will be held on Sunday, June 9. In Erlangen, a referendum on the Stadt-Umland-Bahn will take place at the same time.

Information on the referendum

The election results

Counting will take place on election day after the polling stations close at 18:00. The first results based on quick reports are expected from 18:30.

Click here for the election results

FAQs - Questions and answers about the election

Figures and data from past elections

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Elections & decisions

At a glance: The results of all elections in Erlangen since 1946 and of municipal referendums since 1998

A red and green ballot paper are thrown into a gray ballot box.

Results of the EU election and the referendum on the Stadt-Umland-Bahn

Who did the people of Erlangen vote for in the EU elections? How did they decide in the referendum? You can find the results here.

A red and green ballot paper are thrown into a gray ballot box.

Result of the 2024 EU parliamentary elections in Erlangen

The CSU received the most votes in Erlangen in this Sunday's European Parliament election: 28.6 percent of voters cast their ballots in its favor.

Electoral office

The electoral office is set up temporarily around six months before general votes (referendums and plebiscites) and elections (local, district, state and European elections). It is responsible for all aspects of implementation, such as the electoral roll, polling stations, polling assistants, voter notification, postal voting and more.


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