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Result of the 2024 EU parliamentary elections in Erlangen

Stand: 14.06.2024

The CSU received the most votes in Erlangen in this Sunday's European Parliament election: 28.6 percent of voters cast their ballots in its favor.

The CSU received the most votes in the European Parliament elections in Erlangen on Sunday: 28.6% of voters cast their ballots in its favor. Compared to 2019, the Christian Socialists recorded a slight gain of 1.1%. By contrast, the Greens recorded significant losses, achieving a total of 21.4% (down 7.5%).

73.6% (2019: 66.5%) of the 78,237 eligible voters took part in the ballot in the Huguenot town. According to the provisional result based on the quick results, the following election proposals received more than 1,000 votes

  • CSU: 28.6% (16,403 votes)
  • GRÜNE: 21.4% (12,235 votes)
  • SPD: 12.6% (7,189 votes)
  • AfD: 7.7% (4,422 votes)
  • Volt: 5.0% (2,841 votes)
  • FDP: 4.7 % (2,695 votes)
  • BSW: 3.5 % (2,005 votes)
  • Free Voters: 2.7 % (1,562 votes)
  • ÖDP: 2.7 % (1,557 votes)
  • DIE LINKE: 2.5 % (1,443 votes)
  • Die PARTEI: 2.2 % (1,285 votes)Eine Grafik mit dem vorläufigen Endergebnis.

Thomas Ternes, the city's Chief Electoral Officer, thanked - also on behalf of Lord Mayor Florian Janik - the approximately 800 volunteers who were involved in the election process in a press release that evening.

There were 58 polling stations and 40 postal voting districts in the city.


A red and green ballot paper are thrown into a gray ballot box.

Results of the EU election and the referendum on the Stadt-Umland-Bahn

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