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Steinforstgraben footpath and cycle path still closed

Stand: 14.06.2024

It will probably not be usable until July 12.

The heavy rainfall and additional personnel bottlenecks at the company carrying out the work are significantly delaying the directly interdependent construction processes in the Steinforstgraben area. The Steinforstgraben footpath and cycle path between the underpass to the In der Reuth residential area and the Europakanal underpass is therefore expected to be closed until July 12.

What work is being carried out?

To improve the hydraulic situation and reduce the environmental impact, the collector line in Büchenbach from the direction of Dechsendorf will be connected to the inlet of the rainwater overflow basin on the Würzburger Ring. A new sewer was laid for this purpose, which crosses the Steinforstgraben immediately south of the Adenauer Ring and runs centrally on the footpath and cycle path to the underground stormwater overflow basin.

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