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Four-legged landscape conservationists on the parade ground

Stand: 24.06.2024

From Monday, June 17, sheep and goats will be taking care of the Exerzierplatz nature reserve. The hungry sheep and goats will keep the grass short. In this way, they maintain the habitat of the numerous plant and animal sand lovers.

The Exerzierplatz nature reserve is home to numerous birds. They nest there on the ground in the open and semi-open spaces. During the breeding season, these so-called ground nesting birds are very sensitive to disturbance. If they are frequently disturbed by passing pedestrians or wandering dogs and scared away from the nest, they abandon their clutch. Successful reproduction is therefore impossible. Rare, even endangered bird species such as

  • woodlark
  • tree pipit or
  • yellowhammer

are unable to form stable populations. Shepherds, flocks of sheep and herding dogs disturb the birds very little, unlike free-roaming dogs. The reason:

  • they are only on site for two to three weeks and
  • and it is easy for the birds to move forward in groups.

Viele Schafe und Ziegen samt Schäfer auf einer Wiese.The birds even benefit from the sheep, as they act as "lawnmowers" and create space for them to breed. At the same time, they expose food. Overall, grazing has a very positive effect on the development of flora and fauna in the nature reserve.

Citizens also help to preserve this valuable area by complying with the ban on grazing from March 1 to July 31. In this context, the city and the landscape conservation association ask that dogs be kept at least 200 meters away from the flock of sheep. This will avoid problems with the herding dogs.

Photo: Landschaftspflegeverband Mittelfranken

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Sign indicating bird breeding season

Bird breeding season

Protection for numerous bird species: From March 1 to July 31, it is not permitted to leave the official paths in the entire nature reserve. Dog owners are also not allowed to let their dogs run free during this time.

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Parade ground nature reserve

Ordinance on the nature conservation area "Exerzierplatz" City of Erlangen dated 25.10.2023 and nature conservation area maps for the ordinance on the nature conservation area "Exerzierplatz" dated 25.10.2023

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