Announcement of ideas competition Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Erlangen

Stand: 06.02.2023

Open and two-phase interdisciplinary urban planning and landscape planning ideas competition. The sponsors intend to create a place of remembrance and a place of the future on the site of the former sanatorium and nursing home in Erlangen.

Black and white photo, showing a multi-bed room and a corridor with a chair

Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Erlangen before demolition in 1979. Photo: Peter Sigling


City of Erlangen, district of Central Franconia, district of Upper Franconia
represented by the Department of Planning and Building
Mr. berufsm. City Council Josef Weber
Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 61
91051 Erlangen

Partnership mbB
Susanne Senf, Martin Kühnl
Emilienstrasse 1, 90489 Nuremberg

The advertisers intend, to create a place of remembrance and future on the site of the former sanatorium and nursing home Erlangen, which on the one hand commemorates the medical crimes in Erlangen and in the districts of Central and Upper Franconia at the time of National Socialism and on the other hand includes a place of documentation, a research center and a forum and podium for current issues of medical ethics.

The competition is to develop conceptual ideas for the place in interdisciplinary cooperation of architects, urban planners, landscape architects with artists, historians and other disciplines. The task of the working groups is to combine open space planning, urban planning, architectural and, for example, artistic and historical elements into a concept.

The subject of the competition in the first phase is the development of an idea or a conceptual approach, the second phase is the further spatial elaboration of the idea and the open space planning for a place of remembrance and future and, for example, an artistic or historical concept.

The competition perimeter of the narrower consideration area includes the area of the former sanatorium and nursing home and has a size of about 14 ha.

The broader consideration area includes the historic city center. Here, concepts for relevant historical sites can be proposed in order to create a city-wide memorial space for the victims of euthanasia.

The competition will be announced and conducted as an interdisciplinary open urban planning and open space planning ideas competition in two phases for architects*, urban planners*, landscape architects* in a possible collaboration with artists*, historians* or other disciplines.

The procedure will be carried out in two phases.
The first phase is open, the second phase will be carried out with a reduced number of participants. In this case, the jury will select a maximum of ten participant teams for the second phase. The communication of the participants will be carried out with anonymity. The selected participant teams may not involve additional design authors in the second phase. The area of admission includes the EEA/WTO/GPA countries. The competition language is German, the procedure is anonymous in both phases.

Each participant must check his eligibility to participate on his own responsibility. He makes a declaration of eligibility (author's declaration). Eligible to participate are those who meet the conditions of eligibility. Eligible are architects, urban planners and landscape architects in a possible collaboration with artists, historians, philosophers and other disciplines.

Eligible are in the EEA-/WTO-/GPA-states resident
-    natural persons who are authorized to use the professional title architect*in, urban planner*in or landscape architect*in accordance with the legal regulations of their home country. If the professional title is not regulated by law in the respective home country, the professional requirements as an architect*in, urban planner*in or landscape architect*in are met by anyone who has a diploma, examination certificate or other proof of qualification, the recognition of which corresponds to 2013/55/EU.
-    legal persons, provided that their statutory business purpose is geared to planning services that correspond to the competition task and a responsible professional is appointed for the competition participation, who in his person fulfills the participation requirements imposed on the natural persons.
-    Applicant/working groups in which at least one member fulfills the requirements placed on natural or legal persons.

The requirements for eligibility must be fulfilled on the day of the announcement.

A possible working group must be named in the declaration of authorship when the documents are submitted by naming the respective responsible authors. Other disciplines and specialist planners may be called in as expert advisors.

The participant teams selected for the second phase may not involve any other design authors or freelancers or change the planning team in any other way.

The eligibility requirements must be met on the day of the announcement.

Prof. Manuel Bäumler, architect and urban planner, Dresden
Prof. Dr. (Univ. Florence) Elisabeth Merk, city architect, Munich
Andrea Gebhard, landscape architect, Munich
Ulrich Manz, architect, Bamberg
Till Rehwaldt, landscape architect, Dresden
Prof. Volker Staab, architect, Berlin
Josef Weber, architect and urban planner, building and planning officer, city of Erlangen
Prof. Richard Woditsch, architect, Nuremberg/Berlin

Prof. Dr. Günter Dippold, district curator of local history, district of Upper Franconia
Dr. Florian Janik, Lord Mayor City of Erlangen
Christa Naaß, Deputy District President District of Middle Franconia
Romana Philipps, Member Forum Place of Remembrance and Future
Dinah Radtke, Member Forum Place of Remembrance and Future
Prof. Dr. Jörg Skriebeleit, Director of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Winkler, Vice Dean of Construction, Erlangen University Hospital

A total competition sum of 102.000 Euro net is available.

Processing fee 2nd phase
From the competition sum, a total of 60,000 Euro net is available for the processing fees for all participant teams of the 2nd phase, which will be paid after completion of the competition, if a work corresponding to the requirements of the terms of reference has been submitted in due time, which is approved by the jury for evaluation. A maximum of 10 participant teams will be selected for the 2nd phase.

Prize money
From the competition total, 42,000 euros net are available for the prize money, with the following distribution among the prizes:
1st prize: 16,000 euros net
2nd prize: 12,000 euros net
3rd prize: 8,000 euros net    
Recognition(s) 6.000 euros net

If the contest participants pay sales tax, this will be additionally refunded to them on a pro-rata basis.

The jury is entitled to distribute the total sum differently by unanimous decision.

In the 1st phase, the central idea and the conceptual approach are to be presented (on a DIN A1 plan, other forms of presentation, for example as text/drawing/sketch/graphic/working model are possible), in the 2nd phase, the competition task is to be elaborated. Phase is to elaborate the competition task.

Delivery of competition documents: from November 7, 2022
Colloquium 1st phase: January 18, 2023
Delivery of plans 1st phase: March 1, 2023
Judging panel meeting 1st phase: March 29, 2023
Written queries 2nd phase: April 26, 2023
Delivery of plans 2nd phase: June 14, 2023
Judging panel meeting 2nd phase: 11. July 2023

Applicants or applicant consortia interested in participating will receive a link to the competition documents after sending the completed and signed Declaration of Commitment (by e-mail to the Office of Competition Support from November 7, 2022.

The Declaration of Commitment can be downloaded via the link below.

Unit VI - Planning and Construction

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