Automotive mechatronics technician (f/m/d)

You want to actively shape both your personal future and the future of the city Erlangen?

If you have a knack for working with vehicles, enjoy repairing or converting them, and perhaps have already gained some experience in this field, then the profession of automotive mechatronics technician* is just right for you.

The profession of the* KFZ-Mechatroniker*in combines tasks of the* Mechanic*in and the*Electronic Technician*in. In the operation for urban greenery, waste management and street cleaning (EB77) of the city of Erlangen, you perform important public tasks and work actively for the citizens.

As an automotive mechatronics technician, you maintain and repair trucks, construction and city cleaning vehicles. If a malfunction or error message occurs in a technical system, you will carry out a cause analysis, the necessary repair measures and functional checks. In addition to the classic work areas of service, diagnosis and repair, as an automotive mechatronics technician you will also carry out conversions and retrofits on vehicles.

During your training, you will be fully familiarized with the various functional areas of the vehicles. To this end, you will be gradually introduced from the simpler assemblies to the complex systems - from the electrics to the brake mechanics to the engine and transmission.

You will gain a comprehensive insight into all sub-areas of the job description already during the training and you will find that your tasks are very diverse and varied both during and after the training. As a trained specialist, you can also expect various in-depth training courses that will qualify you even further for your work as an automotive mechatronics technician. This includes, among other things, chassis and high-voltage training as well as manufacturer-specific training for sweepers and trucks, for example.

So you get an attractive, challenging and varied profession - In and For Erlangen.


FAQ's Automotive Mechatronics Technician Training