Practice-integrated training as an educator (f/m/d) - previously OptiPrax

You want to actively shape both your personal future and the future of the city of Erlangen?

If you enjoy accompanying children and adolescents in their development and supporting their families in educational issues, then start with the practice-integrated training as an educator (m/f/d) in an interesting and varied training.
The training is carried out in close cooperation between the city of Erlangen and the Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik in Nuremberg. It offers you a three-year shortened as well as remunerated training as an educator (f/m/d), in which practice is integrated into the theoretical training.
The city of Erlangen offers three different variants within the framework of the model:

-    Variant 1: Applicants (f/m/d) with completed training as a state-certified childcare worker (f/m/d)
-    Variant 2: Applicants (f/m/d) with (specialized) high school diploma
-    Variant 3: Applicants (f/m/d) with non-specialized vocational training

Already in the training you expect meaningful and responsible tasks. You will get to know the work in different facilities and age groups and are always actively involved in the pedagogical work as a team member in your day care center.
So you get an attractive, challenging and varied profession - In and For Erlangen.

FAQ's Training as an educator