Electronics technician for operating technology (f/m/d)

You want to actively shape both your personal future and the future of the city of Erlangen?

If you have a knack for working with electronic components, are interested in circuits and circuit diagrams or programming and configuring equipment, and perhaps have already gained some experience in this field, then the occupation of* electronics technician* for industrial engineering is just right for you.

The profession of the* electronics technician* for operating technology combines tasks of the* mechanic*, electronics technician*, computer scientist* and plumber*. In the drainage company of the city of Erlangen, you will perform important public tasks and work actively for the citizens.

As an electronics technician for operating technology, you will install, commission and maintain systems and equipment for power supply technology, measurement and control technology, communication technology, signalling technology, as well as drive and lighting technology. In addition to the classic work area of power and heavy current engineering, electronics technicians for industrial engineering are active in the area of automation, process control and building systems engineering.

In addition, you will be trained in various other areas of responsibility during your training, such as sensor technology, control technology, drive technology or the documentation of your work processes. You will support your colleagues in programming, configuring and testing the systems and safety equipment. If a malfunction or error message occurs in a system, you will look for the cause of the problem. You will then take immediate action, analyze the causes and eliminate the malfunction.

You will gain a comprehensive insight into all areas of the job description during your training and you will find that your tasks are very varied and diverse, both during and after your training. As a trained specialist, you can also expect various in-depth training courses that will qualify you even further for your work as an electronics technician for industrial engineering. In addition to the medium-voltage training, which entitles you to work on systems with higher voltages and special sensor courses, these also include the so-called shaft entry course or the forklift driver's license.

So you get an attractive, challenging and varied profession - In and For Erlangen.


FAQ's Training Electronics Technician for Industrial Engineering