Help shape Erlangen

Erlangen mitgestalten

Erlangen offers many opportunities for co-design. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in the city and inspire them to participate.

You are all experts - your knowledge supports the development of the city

You are active in environmental protection, interested in mobility, are affected by construction measures or want to bring your ideas to the redesign of a city square. They work in one of the many local and district councils very concretely for their neighborhood. They are involved in clubs or initiatives, they go to the polls. Everywhere you are important!

Information is the first step

With the list of projects we inform them about the current plans and projects in the city. And it also tells them which issues or projects they can get involved in.

Planning and projects in the city

What is being built in my part of town? Why is a road being closed here? Anyone who wants to know which projects the city is currently implementing and which plans have already been initiated can find out about the list of projects. Both digitally on the website of the city of Erlangen or via the printed version. It is available in public buildings, citizens' meetings and in the city hall.

Explainer video: What is citizen participation?

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Zoning plan_330_1D

1. cover sheet to the development plan no. 330

- South Siebold Street - Legally binding since 22.09.2022

Image citizens meeting whole city

Citizens' meetings

We come to you in the city or town district and listen to you. All ideas, wishes and suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Erlangen Cultural Dialogues

The Cultural Department invites you to a public discourse on cultural policy.


Online participation on bicycle parking spaces

After the first successful online participation in the fall of 2020 for new bicycle parking spaces in the city center, the city administration conducted another such participation process in the spring of 2022. This time extended to the entire city area.

Help shape Erlangen

Overview of plans and projects

In addition to key data for individual municipal projects, the project list also contains information on citizen participation.

Project fund city center

A project fund is to support smaller actions, measures and projects in the redevelopment areas.


Information on the disposition fund in the redevelopment area Erlangen-Southeast
Climate, Environment, Climate departure, Climate awakening, Sustainability, Climate target, Promotion, Climate Emergency

Your "climate budget" to tackle

Submit an application for your local climate protection project with up to € 5,000 in funding by May 1, 2023!


Office for Citizen Participation and Volunteering


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