Digital Accessibility Statement

The City of Erlangen strives to make its website and mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with the Act on Digitization in the Free State of Bavaria (BayDiG). As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we strive to make our website accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Disability Equality Act (BGG) and the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

This statement on digital accessibility applies to the offer

Subareas, some of which are currently not yet accessible:    

  • Some older documents and forms created before September 2019. Some documents have been provided by third parties.
  • Subtitles or transcripts are not available for all videos.

Subsections that may not be accessible, or. over which we have no control:

  • External websites, applications, and documents to which we link are not necessarily accessible.

Feedback and contact details

You can report accessibility compliance deficiencies to us via contact form or email.

Contact form


You can request accessible information from us that is not presented in an accessible manner. If you need access to PDF files or other files that are not yet accessible, please feel free to contact us. To contact us, use our contact form or send us an email.

City of Erlangen
Office for Digitalization and Information Technology
Digital Communication & Web Technology
Werner-von-Siemenstraße 61
91052 Erlangen


More information and contact options on the topic of accessibility, diversity and inclusion can be found at Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity/Inclusion.

Creation of this Accessibility Statement

Review methodology: self-assessment
Review conducted by: Office of Digitization and Information Technology, Digital Communications & Web Technology.
Creation Date of this Accessibility Statement: March 31, 2022.
Last Review: March 2022.

Enforcement Procedure

If your request remains unanswered in whole or in part within six weeks, you have the option of submitting a Request for Review of Accessibility Requirements to the Enforcement Office: Request for Review of Accessibility Requirements.

Contact address of the enforcement body:

Land Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying
IT Service Center of the Free State of Bavaria
Enforcement and Monitoring Body for Accessible Information Technology
St.-.Martin-Straße 47
81541 München
Link to the website of the enforcement office.



Digital Communication & Web Technology

The Digital Communications & Web Technology team is responsible for the technical support and management of the City of Erlangen's digital communications and information offerings.


Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 61
91052 Erlangen


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