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Notes and filling options for online application

We are pleased that you are using the new eFormulare offer and filling out an online application.

You have three options for sending us your application:

  1. Fill out directly online: Simply fill out form directly online, without BayernID, and send it to us via the submit button in the last filling step. You also have the option to save your previous entries via the Save button and to load your completed intermediate status at a later time via the Upload icon and fill it out further.
  2. BayernID: The citizen account (BayernID) is the central access to online administrative services. If you register once, you can use the citizen account for all online services of all authorities. The form is automatically filled in with the data from the citizen account. "Digital signature" only applies to the BayernID with identity card or electronic residence permit and with software certificate Authega.
  3. By mail: you can download any application via the download button as a PDF on their PC, print and fill out. Subsequently, you can send us your application by mail to the address provided. Please note that we do not cover postage or printing costs.


Information on the Bavaria Portal, BayernID and digital mailbox

The Bavarian Portal is published by the "Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs". The aim of the Bayernportal is to simplify communication between authorities and citizens* and to make the services of all municipalities in Bavaria available on a central portal. 

The Bayernportal offers the possibility for citizens* to work with the BayernID and the citizen account.

What is the BayernID?

The BayernID is your uniform access to all online procedures of the administration. In addition to the digital identity, this account also includes a mailbox in which you receive messages about your applications, e.g. sending notifications, notification of processing status as well as digital notifications.

With your personal BayernID, you thus save yourself a trip to the authorities in many cases. Once deposited personal data do not have to be specified each time when using an online procedure of the administration, but can be transferred directly from your BayernID secure.

Registration for the BayernID is free of charge.

If you have questions about the BayernID, for example, problems with registration or login

link to FAQ BayernID

link to FAQ Bayernportal

What is the citizen account & digital post office box?

The post office box is part of the BayernID. By registering for a BayernID, you gain access to your personal mailbox. Via the P.O. Box, you can securely receive messages from public authorities when using online services. The data transmission is encrypted. You will be notified by e-mail when a new message arrives in your mailbox.

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