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Erlangen is an environmental city - and not just since 2019, when the city declared a climate emergency. Environmental, nature and climate protection have long played an overriding role here. However, in order to be able to effectively protect the atmosphere, flora and fauna, the soil and people from harmful influences, there is a need for lots of information, (funding) services and, of course, binding rules. Here you will find everything you need to know - from species protection to environmental advice.

Service A-Z

Service, Animal husbandry, Animal transport

Animal husbandry; implementation of animal welfare controls

Under the Animal Welfare Act, a plethora of facilities and animal husbandries (e.g., livestock farms, slaughterhouses, laboratory animal facilities) must be inspected regularly to ensure compliance with legal animal welfare requirements.
Service, Animal protection law

Animal protection law; application for a certificate of competence or a certificate of competence

Competence examinations, certificates of competence and proofs of competence ensure that the requirements of animal protection law are complied with when keeping, slaughtering and transporting animals.
Service, Dangerous animals, Fighting dogs, Animal welfare order

Animal protection; arrangement

In the event of violations of the Animal Protection Act, district administrative authorities must take action and, if necessary, issue orders.
Service, Application for animal exhibition permit, Animal exhibitions, Animal Show Permit, animal event, Cattle shows, cattle exhibitions

Animal show, animal exhibition, animal exchange; notification or application for a permit.

Animal shows, animal exhibitions, animal fairs and other animal events must be reported to or approved by the locally responsible district administrative authority.
Service, Approval of activities in the field of animal protection requiring a permit, Animal welfare

Animal welfare permit; application

According to § 11 of the Animal Protection Act, permits are required for certain animal husbandry and activities on or with animals, which are linked to the reliability and expertise of the operator and to animal husbandry appropriate to the species.
Service, Display animal cruelty, File a complaint for cruelty to animals, Pet ownership, Farm animal husbandry, Animal husbandry, Show animal cruelty, Report animal cruelty, Animal welfare, Animal welfare violations and notifications, Suspicion of animal cruelty

Animal welfare violations; notification

According to the Animal Welfare Act, animals must be adequately fed, cared for and housed in a manner appropriate to their species and needs.
Service, Crime, Cruelty to animals, unjustified killing of animals

Animal welfare; notification of an administrative offense

Administrative offenses under the Animal Welfare Act will be prosecuted and punished.

Animals and goods of animal origin; monitoring of trade

The monitoring of trade in animals and goods of animal origin is the task of the official veterinarians at the district offices and serves to ensure compliance with animal disease, animal protection and food law regulations.

Bannwald; Explanation

Bannwald is forest that is irreplaceable due to its location, especially in urban agglomerations and areas with little forest. This forest provides a more balanced urban climate, offers recreational space and has a positive effect on the water and air balance.

Bicycle traffic; application for municipal funding.

Municipalities can promote bicycle traffic. For example, they can provide a subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle.
Service, Cable TV, public sewerage, public road network, Telephone network, Water pipeline network, gas pipeline network, electricity pipeline network

Building area; development

Development is understood to mean the construction or maintenance of facilities that are necessary for the structural use of land.


Civil protection; warning the population

The safety and disaster control authorities warn, if necessary, the population likely to be affected by a disaster or large-scale hazard situation and provide behavioral advice, if necessary.


Fairtrade Town

Sustainability; Erlangen is Fairtrade Town!

The city of Erlangen has long been committed to sustainable and fair trade and has now been designated a Fairtrade Town for the fourth time.

Please do not feed

Water protection; Please do not feed!

Feeding harms waters and animals and leads to pollution of the water. Thank you for not feeding. By doing so, you protect animals and waters.

bike rental system

Bicycle rental system

The temporary bike rental system of the company nextbike with 30 bikes at three fixed stations is available until the end of 2023.

Water hand

How to save on wastewater fees ...

Use deductible water quantities: For water that is consumed on the property and not discharged into the sewer (e.g. garden water), no wastewater fee has to be paid.

Help shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen, Klima-Aufbruch, Klimaaufbruch, Umwelt, Nachhaltigkeit, Klimaziel, Klimabudget


Erlangen möchte vor 2030 die Klimaneutralität im Stadtgebiet erreichen. Dazu sind vielfältige Maßnahmen erforderlich. Der Erlanger Bürger*innenrat Klima hat 2022 gemeinsam mit wichtigen Vertreter*innen aus Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Initiativen den Maßnahmenkatalog "Fahrplan Klima-Aufbruch" entwickelt. Den jetzt beschlossenen 41 Maßnahmen sollen sich möglichst viele Erlanger*innen anschließen, damit sich die erforderliche Wirkung entfalten kann. Im "Stadtvertrag Klima" können sich alle engagierten Bürger*innen und Unternehmen durch eigene Klimaschutz-Beiträge dem Klima-Aufbruch anschließen (www.erlangen.de/mein-beitrag). Die Stadtverwaltung startet 2023 mit 14 Leuchtturm-Maßnahmen, die ein besonders hohes CO2-Einsparpotential aufweisen.
Shape Erlangen

Festsetzung der Überschwemmungsgebiete

Das Umweltamt führt das wasserrechtliche Verfahren zur Festsetzung von Überschwemmungsgebieten an Flüssen und Bächen durch.
Shape Erlangen

Grün in Erlangen (Grünkonzept)

Das Konzept "Grün in Erlangen 2018 - Ein Zukunftskonzept" legt unter ökologischen, ökonomischen und stadtplanerischen Gesichtspunkten langfristig wirkende Ziele und Maßnahmen für Grün in Erlangen fest.
Shape Erlangen

Klärwerk Erlangen -Ausbaukonzept 2030: Klärschlammtrocknung, Phosphorrückgewinnung, Spurenstoffelimination (4. Reinigungsstufe)

Mit dem Projekt soll die Behandlung des im Klärwerk anfallenden Faulschlamms weiter verbessert werden. Zielsetzungen: Reduzierung des zu verwertenden Volumens durch Klärschlammtrocknung, dadurch Verringerung des Kostenaufwands und der CO2-Emissionen; Rückgewinnung des im Klärschlamm enthaltenen Phosphors zur Verwertung z.B. als Dünger in der Landwirtschaft; Entfernung bisher im behandelten Abwasser noch verbleibender Spurenstoffe durch eine vierte Reinigungsstufe.