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Accelerated skilled worker procedure; application

Companies and skilled workers from third countries can, provided there is a concrete job offer, shorten the entry procedure through the accelerated skilled worker procedure. Companies need the power of attorney of the foreign skilled worker to apply.

Service, Accommodation facility, Hotel, Registration office, Reporting obligation, Reporting form, Pension, Travel companies, Tour guide, Overnight stay

Accommodation facility; registration

If you are staying in an accommodation facility, e.g. hotel or boarding house, you must sign a special registration form for accommodation facilities there on the day of your arrival. For travel companies with more than ten people, this obligation is transferred to the tour guide.

Service, Registration certificate, Misuse of residential addresses, Landlord certificate, Landlord registration certificate

Accommodation provider confirmation; submission

When you move into a new apartment, you need a confirmation from your landlord that you have moved in. You must present this to the registration office each time you register.


Accommodation service; implementation

The tourist offices of cities and municipalities can arrange local accommodation.

Acknowledgement of paternity; notarization

The father of a child is the man who is married to the child's mother at the time of birth. In the case of parents who are not married to each other, an acknowledgement or judicial determination of paternity is always necessary.
Service, people at risk of addiction, Addiction Services, Health, Drugs and addiction, Drug and addiction counseling, Consulting, Drug counseling, Advice center, Drugs, Narcotics, BtM, Addicted, Dependency, Abuse, Alcohol, Illegal drugs, Substances, Cannabis, Legal highs, Amphetamine, Meth, Crystal, Cocaine, Coke, Ecstasy, Extasy, MDMA, Heroin, Opiates, Medication, Gambling, PC, Internet, Eating disorders, HaLT, Therapy, Detoxification, Withdrawal, Rehab, Aftercare, Mediation, Substitution, Age and addiction, Relatives, External addiction counseling, Illegal, Crime, Addicted parents, Families affected by addiction, Cirrhosis of the liver, COPD, Common cold, Drinking, Smoking, Syringes, Smoking pot, MPU

Addiction counseling in case of existing or threatening addiction problems; Utilization

People at risk of addiction or suffering from addiction, as well as their relatives, receive information on the subject of addiction as well as advice, support and help from psychosocial addiction counseling centers, the public health department and general practitioners and specialists.
Service, municipal law on costs, Administrative Cost Law

Administrative costs; cost collection in the municipality

Municipalities, counties, districts, special-purpose associations, other local authorities and institutions under public law may charge costs for official acts.
Service, Adoption as a child, Child, Adoption Evaluation, adoption privacy notice

Adoption; application for recognition or conversion of adoption of foreign child

If an adoption was carried out abroad, the family court can determine on application whether it is to be recognized in Germany. It can also pronounce the conversion into an adoption with the strong effects provided for by German law.

Service, Foster child, Foster Parents, Adoption Evaluation, adoption privacy notice

Adoption; release information

In the case of unwanted pregnancy, the expectant mother may consider allowing adoption after birth. A large number of mostly childless couples would like to adopt a child, so that a future worth living for still unborn children in this situation can be achieved.
Service, VHS

Adult education center; enactment of usage regulations

Municipalities and counties may enact user regulations or statutes for the adult education center on their territory.
Service, VHS

Adult education center; payment of fees

Attendance at courses and use of the Adult Education Center facilities is generally subject to a fee.
Service, Educational offers, VHS

Adult education center; registration, re-registration and deregistration

Adult education centers (VHS) are public adult education institutions. The wide range of offerings is geared to the orientation, education and qualification interests of the participants.

Advance maintenance payments; application

You can apply for an advance on maintenance payments if you are a single parent and the parent liable for maintenance pays no or too little maintenance for the child.

Service, African swine fever, ASP, Designation of establishments, Cold storage, Slaughterhouse, Processing plant, Cutting plant

African swine fever; application for designation by food establishment.

If you want to slaughter, cut and process a pig from the restricted zones or store the meat and meat products during an outbreak of African swine fever, you must apply for the designation of the establishment.

Service, Fallow deer, Enclosure, Mouflon deer, Red Deer, Sika Game, Animal Breeding, Wildlife Management

Agricultural wildlife management; notification of construction, expansion and operation of an animal enclosure.

An agricultural wildlife management is a management of wildlife species for the purpose of obtaining game.

Service, aid, aid online application, Aid application

Aid benefits; application by municipal officials.

Municipal civil servants can apply for aid.

Service, Allotment garden association, Allotment garden site, Allotment garden plot, Renting

Allotment gardens; leasing

The city of Erlangen offers its citizens the possibility to lease an allotment garden plot.
Service, Animal by-products - disposal of animal carcasses, disposal of animal carcasses

Animal by-products; application for farm approval

Establishments for the use, storage, treatment and disposal of animal by-products, may require approval with assignment of an individual approval number, depending on the activity.

Animal by-products; monitoring of disposal

The district administrative authorities also participate in the monitoring and disposal of animal by-products by monitoring and advising the relevant businesses.
Service, Animal diseases

Animal disease prevention and control; information on the responsibility of county administrative authorities.

In the prevention or control of animal diseases, the district administrative authorities (KVB) have original responsibility for many tasks.

Service, Animal husbandry, Animal transport

Animal husbandry; implementation of animal welfare controls

Under the Animal Welfare Act, a plethora of facilities and animal husbandries (e.g., livestock farms, slaughterhouses, laboratory animal facilities) must be inspected regularly to ensure compliance with legal animal welfare requirements.
Service, Animal protection law

Animal protection law; application for a certificate of competence or a certificate of competence

Competence examinations, certificates of competence and proofs of competence ensure that the requirements of animal protection law are complied with when keeping, slaughtering and transporting animals.
Service, Dangerous animals, Fighting dogs, Animal welfare order

Animal protection; arrangement

In the event of violations of the Animal Protection Act, district administrative authorities must take action and, if necessary, issue orders.
Service, Application for animal exhibition permit, Animal exhibitions, Animal Show Permit, animal event, Cattle shows, cattle exhibitions

Animal show, animal exhibition, animal exchange; notification or application for a permit.

Animal shows, animal exhibitions, animal fairs and other animal events must be reported to or approved by the locally responsible district administrative authority.

Animal transport abroad; registration

For a transport of livestock or equidae as well as for traveling with equidae to another Member State or a third country, a notification to the local competent veterinary office is required.

Animal transport; application for approval of road transport vehicles.

If you want to use road transport vehicles commercially for animal transports that last longer than 8 hours, you need a permit for the transport vehicle from the responsible veterinary office.


Animal transport; application for authorization as a transporter.

If you want to transport animals, you need a license as a transport company before you start your activity. The application must be submitted to your competent veterinary office.

Service, Vaccination, Animal Vaccine Ordinance, Animal VaccinesVO, Animal Protection Ordinance

Animal vaccine; notification of first distribution of vaccine to a commercial livestock owner.

The first distribution of vaccines to a commercial animal owner must be reported by the attending veterinarian to the county administrative authority.
Service, Approval of activities in the field of animal protection requiring a permit, Animal welfare

Animal welfare permit; application

According to § 11 of the Animal Protection Act, permits are required for certain animal husbandry and activities on or with animals, which are linked to the reliability and expertise of the operator and to animal husbandry appropriate to the species.
Service, Display animal cruelty, File a complaint for cruelty to animals, Pet ownership, Farm animal husbandry, Animal husbandry, Show animal cruelty, Report animal cruelty, Animal welfare, Animal welfare violations and notifications, Suspicion of animal cruelty

Animal welfare violations; notification

According to the Animal Welfare Act, animals must be adequately fed, cared for and housed in a manner appropriate to their species and needs.
Service, Crime, Cruelty to animals, unjustified killing of animals

Animal welfare; notification of an administrative offense

Administrative offenses under the Animal Welfare Act will be prosecuted and punished.

Animals and goods of animal origin; monitoring of trade

The monitoring of trade in animals and goods of animal origin is the task of the official veterinarians at the district offices and serves to ensure compliance with animal disease, animal protection and food law regulations.
Service, Meat, Slaughter animal

Ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection; implementation

Animal and meat inspection is intended to ensure that only meat fit for human consumption enters the market.

Service, Filling out help, Receipt of applications, Child benefit, Pension insurance

Application service; support by municipality

The municipalities shall assist their municipal members in initiating administrative procedures and shall keep ready forms for applications, notifications and reports left to them by other authorities.

Appraisers in the appraisal committee; appointment and dismissal

Appraisers on appraisal committees must be appointed and dismissed by the competent authority.


Aquaculture operation; application for permit or registration.

If you breed, keep or keep fish, you have the obligation to have your farm registered or approved by your competent veterinary office without being asked to do so.


Armed transportation of money; application for weapons permits

If you are a cash-in-transit company and want to carry your weapons on commercial cross-border road transports of euro cash through Germany, you need permits under weapons law.

Service, Arms Trade Permit, Arms trade

Arms trade; application for a permit

If you want to buy and sell firearms or ammunition, you need a firearms dealer's license to do so.

Service, Assembly registration, Assembly notice, Assembly, rally, demo, demonstration, assembly registration, assembly notification, assembly application, rally registration, rally notification, demonstration procession, procession, Assembly registration, Registration of a rally

Assembly; Display

If you wish to hold a stationary or moving public assembly in the open air, you must notify the competent authority in good time. The notification is usually confirmed by the authority and can be associated with restrictions.

Service, Assistance of the youth welfare office, Maintenance claims, Paternity establishment, Paternity establishment, maintenance claims

Assistance; application

Upon written request of a parent, the Youth Welfare Office becomes the child's counsel for the establishment of paternity, the assertion of maintenance claims, and the disposition of these claims.
Service, Employment agency, AsA, Residence status, Training, Training discontinuation, Completion of training, Assistance during training, Training Companion, Training assistance, Training place, Training Support, Foreigners, Trainee, Disability, Create vocational qualification, Vocational training, Vocational guidance, Career choice, Application training, Education provider, Entry-level qualification, Refugee, Promotion, Conflict, Conflict Management, Learning Disability, Learning Difficulties, Mediation, Tutoring, Personal problems, Exam preparation, mental problems, Language barriers, Language problems, Language difficulties, Language support, Stabilization, Support

Assisted training; application

If you have difficulties in your in-company vocational training or introductory qualification, you and your training company can receive support so that you can successfully start or complete your training or introductory qualification.

Service, sports promotion

Associations and charitable institutions; application for a grant

Municipalities can financially support associations and charitable institutions that are particularly involved in sports, cultural and social life in the municipality within the scope of their tasks.


Associations; application for municipal funding.

Municipalities can financially support associations that are particularly involved in the sports, cultural and social life in the municipality within the scope of their tasks.

Service, Foreigners, Foreigners' Association, Foreign club

Associations; registration of an association of foreigners or a foreign association

The establishment, amendment and dissolution of a foreign association or a foreigners' association with its registered office in Germany must be registered within two weeks with the respective district administrative authority, i.e. the competent district-free municipality or the competent district administration office.

Asylum seekers; application for a removal permit

Under certain conditions, an exemption from the housing obligation can be granted in shared accommodations and decentralized accommodations. Beneficiaries are then allowed to live in a private apartment.

Service, asylum aid, Assistance for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers; application for benefits

Asylum seekers receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG) if they meet the requirements.


Asylum seekers; application for sickness benefits

Asylum seekers receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) in the event of illness if they meet the requirements.


Atonement; application

You can apply to the municipality for a trial of atonement.

Service, Auction, Auctioneers, Auctions, Auction business

Auctioneer trade; application for a permit

If you want to auction off movable property, real estate or rights belonging to third parties, you need a permit.
Service, Auction, Auctioneers, Auctions, Auction business

Auctioneer trade; application for a permit by EU citizens

If you want to auction off movable property, real estate or rights belonging to third parties, you need a permit.