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Construction sites in Erlangen

A good 114,000 people live in our city. In addition, there are several thousand professionals who come to Erlangen every day to work. They are all on the move every day - on their way to work, to university, to shopping, to the theater, to school. And they are on the move on foot, by bicycle, by motorcycle, by car, by bus. To ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely, the city government is improving and rebuilding the road network, including sidewalks and bike paths.


Current road works and road closures

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Interior development 2.0

Erlangen is an attractive residential and business location. This also requires a high demand for areas for living and working, especially from Erlangen citizens, which can currently only be met to a very limited extent. For this reason, the city of Erlangen has been making considerable efforts to develop new areas for many years.

bike rental system

Bicycle rental system

The temporary bike rental system of the company nextbike with 30 bikes at three fixed stations is available until the end of 2023.

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Climate departure


Transport Development and Mobility Plan 2030 (VEP 2030)

The Traffic Development and Mobility Plan 2030 (in short: VEP 2030) defines the goals and strategies in the field of mobility in Erlangen for the next ten to 15 years. The strategies and recommended measures developed are intended to contribute to future-proof mobility and to sustainable and environmentally compatible urban development.

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The city of Erlangen is working on and establishing electromobility systematically and purposefully in cooperation with ESTW and third parties.

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Overview of plans and projects

In addition to key data for individual municipal projects, the project list also contains information on citizen participation.