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We are #offenaustradition.

In Erlangen all refugees are welcome: For us, all cultures are equal, as are all genders, sexual identities and people with severe disabilities. Even more: we are convinced that diversity enriches us. That is why we are happy when our city is as diverse as possible.

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Committed. Integrated.

Commitment connects. People who get involved in something and with others make contacts and play an active role in shaping society. Commitment creates encounters, promotes togetherness and mutual understanding. Commitment is diversity in the community and a path to integration.

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An overview of all offers, events and opportunities for volunteering in Erlangen.


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Besides the comparable size, the city also has a similar structure in education and economy.

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Help for refugees/ Допомога для біженців/ Помощь беженцам

пошук роботи/ поиск работы * навчання/ обучение * професійна кваліфікація/ профессиональная квалификация * oгляд мовних курсів/ oбзор языковых курсов