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Qualified rent index for Erlangen 2021

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The rent index is available as an online version with automatic calculation and as a print version (PDF download). You also have the option of ordering printed copies for a nominal fee of 3 euros each (plus postage).

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The rent index provides an overview of the local comparative rents for apartments and single-family houses in Erlangen. The information makes it easier for rental contract parties to make decisions in rent matters and is intended to prevent disputes and court proceedings as far as possible. Thus it contributes to the objectified argument over rent prices.

With the rent index you can determine local comparison rent. He does not serve for the price fixing. The local comparative rent includes only the pure net cold rent in euros per square meter. "Operating or ancillary costs" are not included. The basic net rent is calculated as a function of the living space. The influence of the type, equipment, condition and location of the apartments and single-family houses is taken into account in the determination of the local comparative rent with percentage additions and deductions.

Scientific background

The rent index was prepared according to recognized scientific principles and recognized by the Erlangen City Council in the meeting on October 28, 2021 as a qualified rent index. He replaces from this day the previously valid Mietspiegel 2019.

The data were queried in the context of a survey of tenants*innen to the cut-off date of January 1, 2021. According to the legal requirements, new contracts and rent increases of the last six years were taken into account. In the evaluation, information on about 1,700 tenancies of the privately financed housing construction was included.

Legal permissibility of rent increases

On the legal permissibility of a rent increase request (existing rents) or the legal permissibility of the rent level for re-rentals (Mietpreisbremse), the rent index makes no statement.

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Erlangen rent index

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