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Construction and demolition waste

Stand: 28.05.2024

Construction sites and environmental protection

Many areas of environmental protection play an important role on construction sites. For example, issues of groundwater protection, immission control and waste legislation may be affected.

We would like to provide you with important information on asbestos, environmental protection and construction site monitoring under "Further information".

Asbestos fibers have a very high hazard potential, they can cause serious illnesses such as asbestosis or lung cancer with a fatal outcome.
The City of Erlangen therefore urgently recommends that work on materials containing asbestos should only be carried out by specialist companies.

Here or at the bottom of the page you will find information sheets and further information specifically for the demolition and dismantling of buildings to download.

Asbestos environmental protection Construction and demolition waste Construction site monitoring (online service)

You will also find further information under the following links.

Pollutant guide


Trade supervision

Bavarian State Office for the Environment

Building materials recycling

If you have any further questions, you can also contact the following offices of the City of Erlangen:

Building sites and environmental protection
Schuhstraße 40
91052 Erlangen

Tel +49 (0)9131 86-2894

Fax+49 (0)9131 86-2956


Waste advice: Construction and demolition waste
Schuhstraße 40
91052 Erlangen

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