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Broadband supply in the city of Erlangen

Stand: 12.06.2024

An efficient broadband infrastructure is an important location factor for many companies. Thanks in part to the commitment of Erlangen's municipal utilities, the city of Erlangen has a comparatively well-developed infrastructure. Nevertheless, in some areas of the city, expansion is lagging behind the growing demands.

With the support of a professional consulting company, the Economic Development Agency would like to find out where in Erlangen the expansion of the fiber optic network will continue in the coming years and how we can best support the further expansion. The implementation of these studies is financially supported by the federal government (consulting support under the federal government's Gigabit Directive 2.0).

Industry dialog
As a first step, the Economic Development Agency conducted an industry dialogue on fiber optic expansion in Erlangen. The aim of the talks was to gain an initial overview of the planned expansion and to intensify the exchange with telecommunications companies.

Market exploration
On June 12, 2024, the city of Erlangen also launched a market exploration procedure. This will provide us with a comprehensive overview of the broadband speeds that are currently available at each individual address and will be available in the coming years. On the basis of this, we will once again intensify the dialog with the telecommunications companies in order to direct further broadband expansion as specifically as possible to areas that have been less well supplied to date.

Information on the industry dialog and the market exploration procedure of the city of Erlangen can be found on the federal funding portal .