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Sustainability; The tip - Sustainable consumption

Stand: 28.05.2024

Sustainability as a quality feature of products should be a self-evident guiding principle for consumers, but also for the economy and public administration in Germany. It is about how and what is consumed.

Direct marketers

Direct marketers in Erlangen and Erlangen-Höchstadt: Buy regional, seasonal and sustainably produced products and not only support the local economy, but also help to maintain and create new jobs in our region. Above all, regional foods score points for their freshness and high quality. Get to know new delights and rediscover old specialties with a clear conscience - at the direct marketers in our region!

Directmarketers in Erlangen and Erlangen-Höchstadt

Gift and exchange market

The Erlangen Gift Exchange is a virtual platform where you can offer all items to be given away or exchanged free of charge. Instead of throwing items away, they are passed on to people who can still use them. On the one hand, this saves the swap partner money and on the other hand, the amount of bulky waste is reduced. Optionally, you can also view offers from the neighboring cities of Nuremberg, Fürth and Schwabach. Your ads will in turn be read in these cities. This significantly increases the chance of finding interested parties.

Give-away and exchange market