Family support centers in Erlangen

Stand: 06.02.2023

The Anger and Büchenbach family support centers advise all parents in these districts on questions, concerns or worries about parenting, family, partnership or child development.

Family support points are contact points for parents and families - where they live.

A family support point is there for all parents and families,

  • who live with children or teenagers
  • who are expecting a child.

Even older children and teenagers can get support here.

With the state-funded family support points, Erlangen is expanding its services for parents and families.

As a mother or father, you

  • can get information and advice free of charge in your district, without having to go far
  • contact with other parents.

In a family support point you will find contact persons,

  • who have an open ear for you
  • who have knowledge and experience as professionals around family and education and help you with your questions
  • who support you to find suitable solutions for your family
  • who can tell you where you can get information, tips, advice and help or contacts in Erlangen on special topics and who can also refer you there if desired.

The employees are subject to confidentiality.

In a family support point there are offers of family education.

To be a parent is a gift and a challenge. Family education makes strong for the adventure family.

  • Offers of family education support you as parents at any age of your child.
  • Family education revolves around the development and upbringing of children or adolescents, living together in the family, partnership or everyday family life.
  • Family education, these are open meetings, courses, lectures, discussion groups or joint action days for children and parents.

Where are there already family support points in Erlangen?

In the districts Anger and Büchenbach.


Where: In the district house Isar 12, Isarstraße 12, 91052 Erlangen

Surely reachable, also for advice: Thursdays 15:00 to 16:30 in the 1. OG (except during school vacations)

Telephone:   + (49) 09131 / 86 - 3662


Events Family Support Point Anger


Where: Im gowi27, Goldwitzerstraße 27, 91056 Erlagen

Safely available, also for consultation: Thursdays 15:00 to 16:30 on the first floor (except during school vacations)

Phone:  + (49) 09131 / 86 - 3537


Events Family Support Point Büchenbach