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Nature conservation; protected landscape features

Stand: 28.05.2024

Wooden path & Riviera

The Bavarian Nature Conservation Act defines protected landscape elements (LB) as "parts of nature and landscape that are necessary in the interests of the natural balance, the flora and fauna or because of their importance for biotope networks or contribute to the revitalization of the landscape." Legal protection is guaranteed by the issue of an ordinance.

There are two protected landscape features in Erlangen:

The "Holzweg" in Büchenbach and the so-called "Riviera" between Ebrardstraße and the Schwabachgrund.

Both LBs have sandy soils and offer optimal conditions for the now very rare sand grass carnation, as well as for mountain sandbells, antlions and numerous wild bee species. Special regulations for dog owners and pedestrians have been laid down in the relevant legal ordinances in order to safeguard the site's characteristics in the long term.

Sandy grassland on the Riviera

Please stay on the paths to protect the sandy grassland!

pdf, 26 KB

Protected landscape element Holzweg

Verordnung über den geschützten Landschaftsbestandteil "Holzweg", Stadt Erlangen, Gemarkung Büchenbach vom 22.12.1995 i. d. F. vom 10.12.2001.
pdf, 22 KB

Protected landscape feature Riviera

Verordnung über den geschützten Landschaftsbestandteil "Sandmagerrasen an der Riviera", Stadt Erlangen, Gemarkung Erlangen vom 27.12.1999 i. d. F. vom 10.12.2001.

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