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Kindergarten Haagstraße - Altstadtkrokodile

Stand: 28.05.2024

The Altstadtkrokodile kindergarten in Haagstraße is home to two groups of children.

Age of children in care: 3 to 6
Provider: Evangelical-Lutheran parish Erlangen-Altstadt

About the facility

The kindergarten is located in a residential area in the old town of Erlangen.

Nearby is the Schwabachanlage with two large playgrounds (water playground) and lots of green space. There are many shopping and sightseeing opportunities in the immediate vicinity: City museum, library, galleries, castle, aromatic and botanical gardens, bakery, brewery, farm and a small corner store.

Our Protestant kindergarten has two groups with a total of 50 children. The focus of the educational work: movement and music education, parent work, religious education, creating nature experiences.


Haagstrasse 2
91054 Erlangen

Tel + 49 (0) 9131 26898