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Kindergarten An der Lauseiche - St. Marien

Stand: 28.05.2024

There are five groups in the "An der Lauseiche" kindergarten.

Age of children in care: 3 to 6
Provider: Catholic parish of St. Peter and Paul

About the facility

The kindergarten is located in the catchment area of the Brucker-Lache elementary school.

Five-group all-day facility. Friendly, open, family-oriented children's home. Lunchtime supervision with lunch for 100 children, own kitchen, large garden, close to the forest.

Adjacent to the garden of the facility is the schoolyard of the Brucker Lache elementary school. The Brucker Lache nature reserve, a large soccer pitch and playground also offer us a rich natural environment. Transport links are not direct. Bus stop 5 minutes away, good access, parking lot.


An der Lauseiche 3
91058 Erlangen

Tel + 49 (0) 9131 65828
Fax + 49 (0) 9131 6859780