Erlanger ArtGuide

Stand: 06.02.2023

Discover art in public space with the Erlanger KunstGuide. Get to know the background information, history and intention of the artists*. The KunstGuide is a navigation system and encyclopedia at the same time.

A walk through Erlangen

Whoever is on the move in Erlangen encounters numerous works of art from the most diverse eras in the most diverse corners of the city. Some of them are visible from afar due to their pomp and grandeur, while others demand focused attention and sometimes even a glance around a corner or two.

More than 300 art objects

From Elias Räntz's figures of gods on the roof of the Margrave's Castle to artist Joachim Bandau's "machine figures" on the South Campus, from Heinrich Kirchner's bronze sculptures in the sculpture garden on the Burgberg to artist Franziska Uhl's "White Angel" in Röthelheimpark - Erlangen and the surrounding area have, depending on the count, well over three hundred art objects in public spaces.

The KunstGuide

The guide is an ongoing project with a current focus on art after 1945, but all relevant works of art will gradually be recorded.

More information

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Art & Culture Interested

Information and current events for art, culture and museum lovers.

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Erlangen Youth Art School - JuKS

JuKS, the Erlangen Youth Art School, is an extracurricular educational institution in the Cultural Office of the City of Erlangen for children from the age of three and young people up to the age of 18.

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Erlangen Art Palace

Contemporary art in the heart of the city: all information about the Erlanger Kunstpalais, current exhibitions and special exhibitions.