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Museum education

Stand: 28.05.2024

The city museum wants to let young people experience history and art in a playful way.

Our city museum on Martin-Luther-Platz offers young people the opportunity to experience history and art through their own eyes and in a playful way with a museum education program. The program is aimed at school classes of all ages, kindergartens and daycare centers, as well as individual visitors. The range of topics includes tours and hands-on workshops on the permanent exhibition and everyday culture. Combinations of offers are also possible.

Special programs are developed for the special exhibitions. A special event are the action and family days, which are aimed at a wide audience. There is also the opportunity to celebrate children's birthdays in the museum.

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City Museum

Head of office: Brigitte Korn

The city museum in the heart of the old town presents the history of the Erlangen region from the first traces of human life to the modern Siemens and university city of the 20th century. More information at www.stadtmuseum-erlangen.de.


Martin-Luther-Platz 9
91054 Erlangen


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