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Open youth social work

Stand: 28.05.2024

Open youth social work (OJSA) offers young people between the ages of 10 and 27 local socio-educational support in their districts.

Open youth social work aims to be a trustworthy, permanent and reliable point of contact for young people locally. It is aimed at children and young people between the ages of 10 and 27, regardless of nationality, religion or ideology. It offers low-threshold, open services.

Erlangen has a total of five open youth social work facilities: the five youth centers in the districts of Büchenbach, Anger and Bruck.

The problems faced by young people are very diverse. They range from family problems, relationship crises, difficulties at school or at work, problems with the authorities to delinquency, drug problems and psychological problems.

Open youth social work offers young people socio-educational assistance within the framework of youth welfare and supports them in their school and vocational training or in their integration into the world of work. The aim is to avoid social disadvantages for young people and to promote good social integration. Due to their individual impairments, young people are increasingly dependent on support.

Open youth social work (OJSA) includes the following services and methods:

  • Education, counseling
  • SupportOpen meetings
  • Dealing with crises
  • School and career-oriented counseling
  • Indoor/outdoor experiential education
  • Media education
  • Vacation activities/trips
  • Work with girls/boys
  • Mobile work
  • Sports activities
  • Events/projects
  • Cooperation with various partners

Department of Youth Social Work and Youth Work


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