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Seniors' advisory council with numerous projects

Stand: 28.05.2024

Review of the year 2023

2023 was an eventful year for the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council and one that we can be proud of. Here are a few examples:

This year, the Rotary Prize 2023 went to the Ukraine Seniors' Café, among others. This was great recognition for the work of the Seniors' Advisory Board.

Two readings at the Poetry Festival, which were very well received, were able to take place in senior citizens' facilities.

The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council and the Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council submitted a joint application for fair conditions for "live-in" care so that this application can be submitted to the German Association of Cities.

Among other things, a statement was also submitted on the processing of the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council's application "Parking regulations".

Successful draft resolution on mutual consideration The City Planning Office will introduce three ground markings for mutual consideration: Hugenottenplatz (McDonalds), bus station and Peek und Cloppenburg.

Proposed resolution: Request from the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council: Non-digital processing. The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council requests that the processing of inquiries and applications to the administration from citizens with little or no digital competence be carried out in analog form and not digitally.

An application was prepared to commission a concept for a compassionate city in Erlangen.

Roses were distributed in the pedestrian zone on March 8.

We look forward to active and stimulating working groups that enrich our work!

The Senior Citizens' Advisory Council also runs the very popular series of events "Lebenslust statt Altersfrust", an afternoon film series in the winter semester and themed breakfasts in cooperation with the vhs.

In September, we were able to organize a very successful annual reception under the motto "Hooray, we're still alive!". In a presentation, it was shown that a care facility does not always have to be the last stop, but is perhaps only a stopover in one stage of life. At this reception, the new "Together for Each Other" award from the Senior Citizens' Advisory Board was presented for the first time.

These were just a few of our activities that we would not have been able to carry out without the active support of the office, for which we are very grateful.

Dinah Radtke

Chairwoman 2021-2024