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Seniors' Advisory Council on the road

Stand: 28.05.2024

"Come on in: The Office for Citizen Participation and Volunteering opens its doors."

Several members of the Seniors' Advisory Council accepted this kind invitation to the new premises at Hauptstraße 48. Karin Grüsser and Tanja Stark-Kantar have long maintained good contact with the senior citizens' advisory council as "volunteer managers" for the city of Erlangen. They are regular speakers in the vhs series "Lebenslust statt Altersfrust", which was created in cooperation with the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council and is aimed at young senior citizens. The speakers provide information in an entertaining way about the many opportunities in voluntary work. With the "baby boomers" now retiring, it will become increasingly important to offer many people who are still physically and mentally fit a meaningful occupation that they can find in voluntary work.

"We are delighted that this inviting, open office has brought volunteering to the heart of Erlangen's urban society," emphasized Hartmut Wiechert, Deputy Chairman of the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council, during his visit to the premises.