Overview of plans and projects

Stand: 06.02.2023

In addition to key data for individual municipal projects, the project list also contains information on citizen participation.

There you will find around 80 projects of the city administration that affect many people, bring about a significant change in the cityscape or, in some cases, also mean a high public financial outlay.

In the list of projects, you will find key data for the individual projects, but also information on the scope for participation. Thus, under the projects, the respective state of affairs can be found, for example, on the timetable Climate Awakening, on the redesign of Zollhausplatz, on the local supply center at the Eltersdorf suburban train stop, on the "Axis of Science" or on the urban development of the large parking lot.

On the Internet, all projects can be viewed - sorted by topic and district. Printed copies are available at the information desk on the first floor of the city hall.

Overview of Municipal Projects & Citizen Participation

Help shape Erlangen
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Take an active part in shaping Erlangen! What is currently being built in your district? Why is a street being closed here? All projects and plans at a glance on "Help shape Erlangen".

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