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Development plan no. 464 - Legally binding since 13.01.2022

Stand: 28.05.2024

- Am Klosterholz West -

Announcement of the adoption of development plan no. 464 - Am Klosterholz West - with integrated green space plan

On 17.11.2021, the City Council of the City of Erlangen adopted development plan no. 464 - Am Klosterholz West - for the area southwest of the Steudach town center, northwest of the Westfriedhof cemetery, north of plot no. 741 and east of plot no. 749 in the district of Kosbach as a statute in accordance with Section 10 (1) of the German Building Code (BauGB).

The development plan was drawn up in accordance with Section 13b BauGB using the accelerated procedure pursuant to Section 13a (2) BauGB.

The development plan with the explanatory statement as well as the DIN standards and other regulations mentioned in the provisions of the development plan are available for inspection by anyone at the Erlangen Office for Urban Planning and Mobility (Gebbertstraße 1, 3rd floor) during general office hours.

Upon request, information about its contents will be provided in room no. 308 by Mr. Weigand, Tel. 86-1332.

With this announcement, development plan no. 464 - Am Klosterholz West - comes into force in accordance with Section 10 (3) BauGB.

The statutory notices in accordance with Sections 44 (5) and 215 (2) BauGB are published following this announcement.

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