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Bauaufsichtsamt - Current information

Stand: 28.05.2024

Current information for our visitors

Building application can now be submitted online

Another step towards more citizen-friendliness when building in Erlangen: Since September 1, citizens or commissioned planners have been able to submit building applications conveniently online at any time.
Further information at: Press report from 14.09.2023

Based on the experience of the past year, we have made some fundamental changes and retained some regulations:

  • Accessibility
    Please make an appointment in advance to submit applications in person, for consultations, etc. Access is not possible without an appointment. You can find the contact details under Making an appointment.
    You can reach your contact person by telephone, e-mail or post.
  • Access
    Access to the Building Supervisory Office on the 2nd floor is now only possible via the elevator (barrier-free) in the rear courtyard. Please register in the office, you will then be met in our waiting area. The offices of the employees are no longer accessible.
  • Consultation / building consultation by appointment only
    Consultations only take place by prior appointment via video conference or in person in our meeting rooms. It has been shown that the quality of advice is much more effective if an appointment is made in advance than without - you can prepare for this joint appointment and there are no waiting times. We primarily offer advice via video conference - no travel - no parking problems - documents can also be viewed together on screen.

    The following options are available for making appointments, depending on the specialist area:

    To make an appointment: bauaufsichtsamt@stadt.erlangen.de.
    Telephone inquiries on 09131 / 86-1002 and 09131/86-1004.

  • For questions about building development, structural use, etc.: bauberatung@stadt.erlangen.de
    These will be forwarded to the responsible person in charge.
  • For questions about land drainage: grundstuecksentwaesserung@stadt.erlangen.de
    For telephone inquiries, call 09131 / 86-1041 or 09131/86-1087.
  • For questions regarding monument protection: denkmalschutz@stadt.erlangen.de
    Telephone inquiry under the number 09131 / 86-1007.

In all cases, please state the address of the building plot in the subject line of the email or on the phone. The relevant employees will get back to you to arrange a specific appointment.

  • Central plan acceptance

  • This is where all incoming applications are received, recorded and checked for completeness. Building applications that have significant defects and therefore cannot be processed are returned to the applicant. It is no longer possible to submit plans to individual clerks. Only once the documents are complete will they be passed on to the responsible person. This means that only then is it clear who will process "your" application. We expect this solution to relieve the clerks of the formal task of "checking completeness" and give them more time for the actual substantive examination.
  • If possible, please send the building application documents by post. It is also possible to post the application documents directly in our letterbox. You will find this at the entrance to the building on Luitpoldstraße. You can also post the documents in the letterbox at the town hall, Rathausplatz 1.
  • Building applications can also be submitted online since September 1.
  • If you would like to submit your application in person, please make an appointment in advance by emailing planannahme@stadt.erlangen.de or calling 09131 / 86-1068 or 09131 / 86-1003
    This will avoid waiting times.
  • The planning acceptance department will check the submitted building application for completeness using a check sheet.

  • All official forms can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport.

Availability by telephone

In order to ensure that all matters can be dealt with effectively and quickly, personal appointments and consultations are only possible by prior arrangement. We are available by telephone at the following times:

Monday - Thursday 09:30 - 15:00
Friday 09:30 - 12:00

During lunchtime there may be restrictions on telephone availability.

Building inspectorate

Head of office: Mathias Schenkl

In order to ensure that all matters can be dealt with effectively and quickly, personal appointments and consultations are only possible by prior arrangement. We are available by telephone during our opening hours.


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