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Building cooperatives in building area 412

Stand: 28.05.2024

Two joint building projects are being built in the 412 development area. The groups are already complete and the construction projects are in the realization phase.

Another building community, the "WohnGut-Erlangen" group, is still looking for new members. If you are interested, please contact the group:

E-mail: hallo@wohngut-erlangen.de
Homepage: www.wohngut-erlangen.de

Plots for building cooperatives will probably also be available in the future building area 413, which is currently still in the planning phase. Specific information is therefore not yet available for the time being.

If youhave any general questions on the subject of building cooperatives, please contact Ms. Wolf/Amt für Stadtplanung und Mobilität (e-mail: yvonne.wolf@stadt.erlangen.de, Tel. 09131/86 1331).

Information on the topic of "communal building" and finding groups:

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