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Coffee-to-go in the Erlangen deposit cup

Stand: 28.05.2024

Coffee to go is also becoming increasingly popular in Erlangen. Since 2019, takeaway coffee has also been available in a returnable cup in Erlangen, and since 2020 in the Erlangen Edition.

Coffee-to-go in a returnable cup and in the Erlangen Edition

Now coffee-to-go in a returnable cup - 2.8 billion cups per year and each only in use for approx. 15 minutes

Coffee to go is also becoming increasingly popular in Erlangen. It is still far too often served in disposable cups. Disposable cups for hot or cold drinks consume large amounts of resources and fill waste bins. Some of the cups are also disposed of on the street or in the open air instead.

Since mid-2019, takeaway coffee has also been available in deposit cups in Erlangen. So far, more than 60 restaurants and stores in Erlangen have already joined in and are offering their customers coffee in standardized deposit cups. This can be returned to all participants in all participating cities in Germany.

These are

  • Amir Der KaffeeMann
  • Aral petrol station (Äußere Brucker Straße 171; Drausnickstraße 60; Am Europakanal 26)
  • Bakery and coffee shop
  • Brezen Meyer bakery (3 branches in Erlangen)
  • Bakery Mörtel Frauenaurach
  • Pickelmann Bakery & Confectionery Bubenreuth
  • Pickelmann Bakery & Confectionery Erlangen (4 branches in Erlangen)
  • Trapper bakery (9 branches in Erlangen)
  • Brezn Concept Store
  • BrotHaus in REWE (2 branches in Erlangen)
  • Café Bismarck
  • Café Brazil
  • Café Hergricht
  • Café Weiß
  • Cafebar South
  • Cafeteria in the Malteser
  • Cafeteria Malteser Waldkrankenhaus Erlangen, Primus Service GmbH
  • Cafeteria Südblick
  • Cafeteria Chemikum
  • Cafeteria Kochstraße
  • Cafeteria University Library
  • Contigo Fairtrade store and coffee roastery
  • denns organic market
  • Ebl Naturkost (3 branches in Erlangen)
  • Franconian International School
  • Hofpfisterei Erlangen
  • Rösttrommel coffee roastery
  • Königsmanns coffee roastery
  • LE CROBAG Erlangen Spécialités (student union)
  • Lorlebäck
  • Langemarckplatz canteen
  • Novotel Erlangen
  • REHAU AG + Co Erlangen
  • Shell petrol station / Kraus car dealership
  • Sparkassen-Bergwelt DAV Erlangen
  • Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg: Cafeteria University Library
  • Sweet & Spicy
  • Thalia bookstore - KaffeeFleck Erlangen
  • TotalEnergies filling station - Sebastianstr. 28
  • VHS Bistro
  • Yoghurt Bar
  • zeitwohnhaus SUITE-HOTEL & APARTMENTS

Even with "coffee to go", reusable is always the better option. This is now also possible for coffee drinkers who don't want to sit down in the restaurant and drink from a porcelain cup with the coffee cups for a 1 euro deposit. In addition to the new deposit cup system, "thermo cups" or mugs that you bring with you are of course still a suitable means of dispensing with disposable cups.

There are no hygiene regulations that would prohibit this in principle. However, basic hygiene rules must be observed by both the customer and the store. It goes without saying that only clean cups are accepted. The "Coffee to go again" initiative has long been using stickers to promote the use and filling of reusable containers, initially in Munich and in many other German cities. This has also been possible in Erlangen since the first campaign in 2016. Every store that wanted to take part received the sticker free of charge. This was clearly visible in the entrance area. A photo on Facebook rounded off the whole thing. In the first campaign, over 50 stickers were handed out to stores. So it's also worth looking for the coffee-to-go-again logo in Erlangen before you buy a coffee-to-go. If you don't have your own cup with you, you should opt for a reusable cup with a deposit.

Good examples in retail: snack bars and the first coffee house chains advertise that they will fill reusable cups you bring with you and, according to their own information, sometimes offer a discount. In addition, (reusable) cups purchased from coffee-to-go stores can in turn serve as advertising media for the stores. Anyone who uses a reusable cup for their coffee to go is helping to reduce waste and protect resources. Anyone who takes the time to enjoy a coffee from a porcelain cup at home or in a café is also doing their bit.

Even the German government has recognized the issue and is drawing attention to it: click here to read more.

Since November 2020, the deposit cup has been available in the Erlangen edition with the inscription "Servus Erlangen" and some striking silhouettes of the city.

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