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Emergency energy advice

Stand: 28.05.2024

The energy emergency advice service offers information and support if there is a risk of financial difficulties due to increased energy consumption costs.

High energy prices and the rising cost of living overall have pushed many households to the limits of their financial resources or beyond in recent months. The consequences of the sharp rise in energy costs are still unforeseeable.

The emergency energy advice service forms the essential link between

  • Citizens
  • a large number of advice centers and players in the social sector (such as the social education service for housing emergencies, Erlangen public utilities, landlords, social services, welfare associations, caregivers, etc.) and
  • social service providers.

A qualified legal assessment of each individual case is carried out. A specific solution is worked out with the person concerned and addressed to the responsible body. The correct allocation of claims from the outset relieves the burden on all parties involved. This streamlines handling processes and gives those affected a binding commitment and, in particular, faster assistance in the impending emergency.

"Without the emergency energy advice service, a significant number of households would have already fallen into debt and become homeless." (Social welfare officer Dieter Rosner)

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