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Energy consulting

Stand: 28.05.2024

The city of Erlangen provides free and independent advice to citizens on the topics of energy-efficient renovation of buildings, sustainable new construction, renewable energies (e.g. photovoltaic systems) and funding opportunities.

The free consultation of the City of Erlangen takes place in approx. 1-hour appointments at the environmental office or by telephone. Consultations at your premises are also possible by arrangement. In any case, please make an appointment by telephone or e-mail.

Mail: EnergieFragen@stadt.erlangen.de

Telephone: 09131 86 -2323, -2935, -2252 or -3410

The consultation is an initial consultation intended to provide guidance in the area of energy-efficient refurbishment. It is not a substitute for detailed, fee-based energy advice, such as that provided by external energy consultants.

Here you will find information on the municipal funding program for energy-efficient refurbishment and renewable energies.

To the application

Funding guideline

Further energy consulting services in Erlangen

Free, initial energy consultation

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Information on municipal heat planning in Erlangen

Progressive climate change, dependence on energy imports and rising energy costs require a fundamental change in the way we use energy. The city of Erlangen has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality in the urban area as quickly as possible. In the climate crisis, this is a necessary step for local, regional and global sustainable development.

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Important information about replacing the heating system

Here you will find all the important information about the Building Energy Act (GEG) and heating replacement.

PV pays off
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Solar potential register

Is your roof suitable for photovoltaics or solar thermal energy? With the solar potential register, you can test free of charge how much electricity or heat your roof can generate.

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Energy saving and use of renewable energies; application for municipal funding

Municipalities can promote the energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings and the use of renewable energies in the municipal area.
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Interesting facts about renovation, photovoltaics & subsidies

On this page you will find an overview of the topics of energy-efficient refurbishment, the use of renewable energies and financial subsidies.

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Emergency energy advice

The energy emergency advice service offers information and support if there is a risk of financial difficulties due to increased energy consumption costs.


Energy: Help and tips

Information on all aspects of energy.

Energy consulting department


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