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Stand: 06.02.2023

The city of Erlangen advises citizens on the subject of energy-efficient renovation of buildings, sustainable new construction, photovoltaic systems and subsidies.

Advantages of an energy-efficient refurbishment

You are not yet sure what advantages an energy-efficient refurbishment even brings or what you should pay attention to regarding the building envelope and technology for your new building? The brochure "At Home in the Future: Building and Renovating Highly Efficiently" from the Energy Atlas of Bavaria will help you get started and clearly shows what makes for an energy-efficient home.

Does renovation pay off for you?

You want to save on energy costs, but aren't sure whether renovation is worth it? Then simply renovate your house first on the PC with the Refurbishment Configurator of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection! First, provide information on the current state of your building and then select different renovation options. Which renovations lead to which energy savings? What costs are incurred for which renovation measures and which of the measures are subsidized by the state?

What to look out for when replacing the heating system?

Your old heating system has had its day - but what to look out for when exchanging the heating system ? How efficient is your current heater and how high is its energy consumption? Which renewable energies are suitable for heating and how do they differ? You can find out all this on the page of the Federal Environment Agency.

You still have more questions about heating exchange and would like to get more information in this direction? Then it is worthwhile to study the compact questions and well understandable answers of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection!

Is your house suitable for a photovoltaic system?

You are interested in a photovoltaic system for your property in Erlangen - but does the sun shine enough there to make it worthwhile? Enter the address in the solar potential cadastre and find out!

Support options in the field of energy

You are wondering which support options are available for your project and for which measures which support program now applies exactly? With short fact sheets and further information, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection guides you through the funding programs for homeowners in the area of consulting, heating, renovation and construction.

You have decided on an energy-related construction or renovation project, but can no longer see through the jungle of funding options? Then take a look at the Subsidy database of the C.A.R.M.E.N e.V. to see which subsidy programs can promote your specific project!

By the way: the city of Erlangen also promotes...

The city of Erlangen additionally supports your projects with the CO2 reduction program for buildings. This includes various grants and bonus payments for measures to save energy on the building envelope and the use of renewable energies. 

Promotion of energy renovation measures ("CO2-reducing measures on the building and sustainable construction")

You want to know more?

In the following you will find the right contact persons:

Free initial energy consulting

Energy consulting of the city of Erlangen - The city of Erlangen advises citizens

Energy advice center of the ESTW 

Energy advice of the consumer center Bavaria

Energy consulting by Energiewendeverein

Cost-based, detailed energy consulting

Search engine for free energy consulting

Funding opportunities for free energy consulting

Use waste heat: Interesting for businesses

You are considering whether it is worthwhile to use the waste heat from your business even further? Here, the Waste Heat Calculator of the Environmental and Climate Pact of Bavaria can help them. Determine the waste heat potential in your company for different waste heat sources. The extended version lets you estimate whether electricity or cooling can be generated from the waste heat.

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