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Solar potential register

Stand: 28.05.2024

Is your roof suitable for photovoltaics or solar thermal energy? With the solar potential register, you can test free of charge how much electricity or heat your roof can generate.

Solar power and heat from your own roof

The use of solar energy is worthwhile: it reduces energy costs and protects the climate. You can find out how suitable roof surfaces are for solar use free of charge via a web-based portal. The solar potential register shows whether it is worth installing a photovoltaic system or a solar thermal system. The environmental office of the city of Erlangen and the regional and climate protection management of the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt jointly offer a register. You can find the solar potential for your roof at solare-stadt.de/erlangen.

Subsidies for photovoltaics, battery storage and solar thermal energy

As a local contribution to avoiding a global climate catastrophe, the city of Erlangen subsidizes the installation of PV systems, plug-in PV systems, battery storage and solar thermal systems as well as other CO2-reducing measures on buildings in addition to measures on the building envelope. In addition, the Bavarian state government subsidizes the combination of PV systems and battery storage systems as part of the PV storage program. We will be happy to advise you.

Find the right system for every roof

With just a few entries, you can calculate how much electricity or heat can be generated on your own roof. The roofs are marked in different colors depending on their solar suitability. While all areas except steep north-facing roofs are suitable for "photovoltaic" solar potential, south-facing areas are preferable for "solar thermal" solar potential. The desired building can be found quickly either by entering the address or by scrolling on the map. The program analyzes the solar radiation of the roof surfaces and determines the solar potential. The systems can be configured as required. If you wish, you can then receive a summary of your various options as a PDF report. The analysis results are intended to provide initial information and do not replace specialist advice from a qualified energy consultant or installer.

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