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Meilwaldbühne leisure center

Stand: 03.06.2024

The leisure facility at the Meilwaldbühne is suitable for private parties and offers, among other things, water and electricity connections as well as mobile toilets.

The Meilwaldbühne can be accessed from Spardorfer Straße via the access road to the youth farm.

  • For private parties and events on the Meilwaldbühne, a usage permit is required for a fee.
    Private parties: €35 per calendar day/incl. electricity and water
    Reduction (non-profit organizations, schools and kindergartens): €25 per calendar day incl. electricity and water
  • There is a water connection, electricity connections and a mobile toilet.
  • Additional mobile toilets should be provided for larger events.
  • There are no permanently installed seating facilities.
  • Early registration is recommended.
  • Open fires and barbecues are not permitted.

After registration, the organizer will receive a usage permit. This will be sent out shortly before the event and contains all important information.

Please contact

Tel. + (49) 09131 / 86 - 1415

Play and leisure facilities department

We work closely with the City Green Department to design and equip over 120 public playgrounds, trend sports and leisure facilities. In addition to new construction, older play and leisure areas are also being renovated and redesigned. Please contact us directly with any suggestions, requests, ideas, complaints or reports of soiling or damage.


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