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Stand: 28.05.2024

Joint declaration for peace, dialog and diversity and against all forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

The effects of international conflicts are also evident in Erlangen, including in the form of anti-Semitism, hostility towards Muslims and other forms of group-related misanthropy. In the tradition of interfaith dialog in Erlangen, the city's Advisory Council for Foreigners and Integration, the Jewish Community of Erlangen, the Islamic Community of Erlangen, the Turkish Islamic Community of Erlangen and Lord Mayor Florian Janik have drawn up a joint declaration advocating peace, dialog and diversity.

The text of the declaration "Salam-Shalom-Peace" in full:

"People from 147 nations live together peacefully in Erlangen. We see different cultural and religious influences as an enrichment. In line with Erlangen's city motto "Open by tradition", the exchange and dialog between religions has therefore long played an important role.

Currently, the effects of the various international conflicts are also being felt in Erlangen and can be seen in the form of anti-Semitism, hostility towards Muslims and other forms of group-related misanthropy, which we must take decisive action against. The vast majority of people in our city want to live together in peace.

The cruel terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7 and the developments since then fill us with bewilderment and sadness. We mourn the many victims of the terrorist attack in Israel and sympathize with the families of the hostages, who wish for nothing more than their release. And we mourn the many Palestinian civilians who have since died in their homes, hospitals and schools as a result of the Israeli military operation. We are also deeply touched by the suffering of the displaced.

We know from the history of our dialog that we must and can endure different positions: Those who emphasize Israel's right to self-defense while respecting international law are not against all Muslims or Palestinians. And anyone who stands up for the civilians in Gaza or takes a critical stance towards the Israeli government is not necessarily an anti-Semite.

Ein Blatt Papier mit der Erklärung. What we have in common is the fear for friends and relatives who are affected by the acts of war on both sides. We condemn all forms of terrorism and violence against civilians. The supply of water, food, medicine and electricity to the civilian population must be guaranteed at all times. Together, we hope for an end to the violence and the prospect of peace between Israel and Palestine.

However, the developments after October 7 also fill us with deep concern about the changes in Germany. Jews are experiencing anti-Semitism and attacks against Jewish life with an openness and brutality not seen since 1945. But Muslims are also experiencing multiple forms of hostility. Many people who reject terror, war and fundamentalism are held responsible for terror and hatred across the board.

Islamophobia and attacks against Muslims and Muslim institutions are also on the rise. We must not create a society in which people no longer dare to live openly with different cultures and religions. We cannot solve the global conflicts in our urban society. This makes it all the more important to preserve peaceful and respectful coexistence.

We are horrified to see how radicals are using the situation to commit anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim crimes in order to terrorize Jewish and Muslim life in Germany and at the same time to stir up mistrust against all people with a history of migration. The claim: "Never again!" places a special responsibility on us as a German society to speak out against anti-Semitism and to stand up for a safe Jewish life in Germany.

As an urban society, we therefore stand together resolutely against all forms of fundamentalism and all forms of exclusion and hatred. We oppose all forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Wherever we have influence, we will resolutely combat both. Especially in these difficult times, we oppose these dangers to our democratic, diverse society with dialog between religions, lived cultural diversity and the common desire for peace.


Dr. Florian Janik, Lord Mayor of the City of Erlangen
Rami Boukhachem, Chairman of the Foreigners and Integration Advisory Board
Ester Limburg-Klaus, Chairwoman of the Jewish Community of Erlangen
Dr. Dunja Zaouali, Member of the Board of the Islamic Religious Community Erlangen e. V.
Duaa Abu El-Qomsan, Second Chairwoman of the Islamic Community Erlangen e. V.
Enver Sönmez, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish-Islamic Community of Erlangen e. V."

Further signatories to the "Salam-Shalom-Peace" declaration

Group photo with the signatories of the declaration at a small table.

Further signatories to the "Salam-Shalom-Peace" declaration

Joint declaration for peace, dialog and diversity and against all forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.