Full day at schools

Stand: 06.02.2023

Classes with breaks and recreational activities until the afternoon.

There are various all-day care options for schoolchildren in Erlangen. This means that they are cared for until the afternoon. Parents can thus combine family and career well. Children can attend an after-school care center or a learning center after school. Many schools also have open all-day classes or lunchtime supervision. Here the instruction ends at noon and there is a care offer at the school until afternoon. 

In addition, there is the bound all-day. Here the lessons with breaks and leisure activities go until the afternoon. The school works with cooperation partners who offer, for example, sports, music or creative activities for the students. 

More information about the all-day school in Erlangen is available in an explanatory video of the city, which can be viewed on the city's YouTube channel (category: News from City Hall). The video is available in German, English, Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

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