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Green in Erlangen

Stand: 28.05.2024

Our urban greening department and the municipal companies are working on this every day. You can apply for subsidies via a funding program, for example for greening buildings.

Playing guitar at Bohlenplatz. Jogging in the Meilwald forest. Every Erlangen resident has their favorite green spot in the city that they always enjoy coming to. It provides rest and relaxation. Especially in midsummer, a little shade in the greenery is a blessing.

The city of Erlangen, together with the city green department and municipal companies, works daily to maintain the greenery in the city. In 2018, the city trees were made a "Erlangen matter of the heart" with a campaign. Urban green spaces and city trees not only keep people cool, but are also an important habitat for insects and other animals. In this way, they make a significant contribution to adapting the urban climate to climate change. But there's more!

Citizens are called upon to get involved in the preservation and expansion of green spaces in the city. They can make every green space their own green space. This benefits the entire urban community.

Your green. Our city.

Find out more about our funding program"Together more green for Erlangen" in the following articles.

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Your green. Our city _Greening
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Your green. Our city.

Here you will find interesting information on the subject of greenery and biodiversity.

Your green. Our city _Greening
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Your green. Our city. - Stories

Five stories from urban society

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Nature conservation; application for municipal funding

Municipalities and districts can promote more natural and green spaces or education in this area.
Your green. Our city _Tree planting

Helping trees

They need us, in summer as well as in winter.