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Helping trees

Stand: 28.05.2024

They need us, in summer as well as in winter.

Any damage should be reported to the City Green Department (e-mail stadtgruen@stadt.erlangen.de) as soon as possible. Quick treatment of trunk wounds, broken branches or other damage can help the tree.

Adopt trees and greenery

Due to the increasing number of hot and dry periods, plants in inner-city areas have very difficult growing conditions. In principle, they have to be constantly watered and cared for during the summer months.

In response to popular demand, the city of Erlangen offers citizens the opportunity to become a volunteer tree and green sponsor. This applies in particular to tree grates, roadside greenery and urban green spaces.

Tasks of the sponsors

  • Watering the plants, especially the trees
  • Removing garbage
  • Loosening the soil (root-friendly)
  • Planting is also possible to a certain extent

The pruning of the trees and the duty to ensure public safety will continue to be carried out by the municipal specialists.


If you are interested, please contact the Stadtgrün Erlangen department by e-mail: gruenpatenschaft@stadt.erlangen.de

You can also call us on 09131 86-3106.

Please let us know in advance as precisely as possible the location of the desired area and your contact details. We will then arrange an on-site appointment with you. This will include a briefing. And the sponsorship agreement for the desired area will be concluded.

How do I help properly?

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