Transport Development and Mobility Plan 2030 (VEP 2030)

Stand: 06.02.2023

The Traffic Development and Mobility Plan 2030 (in short: VEP 2030) defines the goals and strategies in the field of mobility in Erlangen for the next ten to 15 years. The strategies and recommended measures developed are intended to contribute to future-proof mobility and to sustainable and environmentally compatible urban development.

In 2011, the Erlangen City Council approved the update of the 1995 traffic development plan. Since then, surveys and analyses have been conducted on all important mobility issues affecting the city of Erlangen. In an extensive process, citizens, political representatives and stakeholders from clubs, associations and institutions were involved from the very beginning and were thus able to contribute their ideas.

In terms of content, the VEP 2030 deals with all mobility topics that are important for Erlangen. The focus is on improving the offer of the environmental network (pedestrian and bicycle traffic, local public transport) in order to make future mobility more environmentally friendly. In addition, important aspects such as the linking of the various types of mobility, the promotion of electromobility, stationary traffic and the diverse interactions with the closely intertwined neighboring cities and surrounding counties are also addressed. The different types of mobility are considered equally and the focus is directed to the needs of road users as well as the environment and climate protection.

In total, integrated guidelines for the strategic development of mobility in Erlangen have been created. The traffic development and mobility plan 2030 provides concrete proposals for measures and objectives that will be implemented step by step in the coming years.

The VEP 2030 can be downloaded directly free of charge by clicking on the appropriate button in a detailed long version as well as in a concise short version.

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