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Immission control; traffic and noise protection

Stand: 28.05.2024

The word "noise" is derived from alarm, which in turn is derived from the Italian "All arme!", meaning "To arms!" The meaning of noise can still be understood in this sense today: Noise is something that puts people on alert and causes stress.
Noise affects our well-being and our health. The main sources of noise in Erlangen are road and rail traffic, but there are also other sources of emissions such as industry, leisure, sport, building sites and house and garden work in the neighborhood. There are also frequent complaints about aircraft noise.

The city of Erlangen was quick to go beyond its legal obligation to provide noise protection for traffic. Noise barriers and walls were erected on the A 73 in Eltersdorf and in Bruck, initially at the city's expense. Today, however, such voluntary noise protection measures can no longer be provided by the city of Erlangen alone. Nevertheless, every effort will continue to be made to pave the way for necessary noise protection measures in the future.

The biggest traffic noise protection problems are the A 73 and A 3 highways, the railroad line and Paul-Gossen-Straße. Various city roads follow at a relatively long distance. There are repeated complaints about aircraft noise in the west of the city.

The main features of future noise action planning are already laid out in the further information on the problems and previous noise protection activities of the city of Erlangen (focal points of the traffic noise problem). You will also find a list of contacts you can get in touch with.
Please also refer to the Federal Environment Agency's website for general information on basic terms, mechanisms of action, measurement methods, protection goals and protection measures.

Information on the downloads available Grid noise maps for traffic

The Grid Noise Map Traffic 2019 contains new features compared to previous versions: Latest traffic figures and the effects of the completed noise barriers at the highway junction.

The 2015 grid noise map for traffic contains the effects of the completed railroad noise barriers compared to 2011. It does not yet include the forecast rail traffic, which will be significantly higher than today. The noise emissions from the railroad are shown without the railroad bonus (-5 dB(A)); increased noise pollution must be expected.

Further information

Air - Noise - Mobility - Federal Environment Ministry

Traffic - Noise - Federal Environment Agency

Noise action planning


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