Office for Sport and Health Promotion

Head of office: Ulrich Klement


Fahrstraße 18
91054 Erlangen


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Culture and sport; application for funding from a municipality

Municipalities, district offices and districts can grant funding in the area of culture and sport.

Municipal sports facility; application for a permit for use

The use of a municipal sports facility requires a permit.


Municipal swimming pools; enactment of conditions of use

Municipalities can operate public swimming pools and set the conditions for their use.

Municipal swimming pools; fulfillment of the public safety obligation

The operator of a pool shall ensure that the necessary and reasonable precautions are taken to protect others.


Municipal swimming pools; payment of user fees

There is usually a charge for visiting a public swimming pool.


School sports competitions; organization

School sports competitions contribute to the activation of school life and create cross-school sports and meeting areas. They bring schools together with clubs, professional associations of the Bavarian State Sports Association, districts, cities and municipalities.
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Sports and shooting club; application for a general energy price subsidy

The general energy price subsidy is intended to help sports and shooting clubs to maintain their sports operations and their range of sports despite increased energy costs.

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Sports and shooting club; application for funding for sports operations

The Free State of Bavaria supports sports activities in sports and shooting clubs in the form of a club lump sum. Applications for the grants must be submitted to the responsible district administrative authority by March 1 of the funding year at the latest.

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Sports facility of the district or independent city; application for a permit for use

If the gymnasiums or sports grounds of the district or the district-free city are not used for school purposes, they can be made available to clubs and other associations for a fee, in particular for training purposes, tournaments and association matches.