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Official announcements

The official gazette of the City of Erlangen - Die amtlichen Seiten - is usually published twice a month. It contains statutes, ordinances, announcements, public invitations to tender and the current calendar of meetings.

The officially published version of Die amtlichen Seiten is the printed edition. A printed copy is available at the information desk on the first floor of the town hall and in the press office. You are welcome to order the newsletter Die amtlichen Seiten free of charge: Order newsletter

Deckblatt des Amtsblatt mit dem Schriftzug Die amtlichen Seiten und dem Logo der Stadt Erlangen

The official pages

Other announcements

The Egidienkirche church in Eltersdorf.

Provisional safeguarding notice

of the flooding area on the Eltersdorfer Bach from river kilometer 0.0 to 5.0 on the territory of the city of Erlangen as determined by the Nuremberg Water Management Office

Development plan_330_1D

1st cover sheet for development plan no. 330

- Südliche Sieboldstraße - Legally binding since 22.09.2022

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Press and public relations

The press office prepares and publishes important information from the administration for the municipal website, municipal publications as well as the press, radio and television.


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